The Reversal Adaptor turns any 3/8”-16 tapped hole into a male 1/4“-20 thread or vice-versa. It is also tapped with both
3/8”-16 and 1/4”-20 holes perpendicular to the screws so it can also be used to angle a mounting point.

It can for example be used to turn the end of a 9.Solutions 5/8” rod into a male 1/4”-20 thread. This enables you to mount
1/4”-20 tapped equipment on the end of the rods and use them together with any of the industry standard 5/8” equipment.


Part Number – 9.VB5116

Weight: 65 g
Max Load (Vertical hanging load): 30 Kg
Color/Material: Aluminum/Grey and Green

(1x) 3/8”-16 tapped hole
(1x) 1/4”-20 tapped hole
(1x) 3/8”-16 male thread
(1x) 1/4”-20 male thread