An essential companion for film and TV professionals. Specifically designed for grip rigging equipment, This bag stands out with its detachable inner pouch,
offering quick adaptability for carrying rigging equipment. The bag’s clever design includes a back panel for easy hanging on studio/work carts or hooks, providing on-the-go accessibility. Elevate your grip rigging experience with the Grip Rigging Bag – a blend of functionality and portability.


Part Number – 9.RB7011

Weight: 3750 g
Color: Black

Inner layout:
(12X) 15cmx Ø5/8” (16mm)
(12X) 25cmx Ø5/8” (16mm)
(24X) 50cmx Ø5/8” (16mm)
(6X) 75cmx Ø5/8” (16mm)
(6X) 100cmx Ø5/8” (16mm)
(3X) 23.5x12cm

Detachable inner pouch:
(2X) 18x22cm
Outer Bag:
(1X) 22cmx 18cm